What Our Customers Say

Trust DS4 Ultra-fine EDM Graphite for your Toughest Jobs

“The intricate EDM electrodes required to produce our audio speaker grills take 7+ days of machining and 30+ hours of EDM burning. We needed a graphite we can trust to withstand this demanding application. We switched to Mersen's DS4 ultra-fine EDM graphite a few years ago and it's been the best performing graphite we've used. With the DS4 material we have also seen significant savings per electrode. ”
- Eric Jacobsen
Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering

It's Time to Make the Switch to Top Performing DS4 Ultra-Fine EDM Graphite

“Our detailed engraving of molds and stamping dies demands an EDM electrode that provides excellent durability and delivers sharp corners and fine quality. We've used Mersen's DS4 ultra-fine EDM graphite for several years and it really performs... and saved us money. ”
- Bob Held
Wisconsin Engraving